Yesterday I was talking to someone who congratulated me on having my work on display in downtown Miami. On the same note they go on to tell me that I must be sacrificing my time from my children to create art. I thought that was an interesting perspective.I have to admit it pissed me off. We all have 24 hours in a day to choose how we spend our time. I love my children and I haven't sacrificed anything. I don't post every report card or daily activity either. Yes, I make time to feed my soul. For me art is a way to balance out all the negativity I experience through out the day. I never said my day job was easy. To all my friends who aren't putting your happiness first, you should. Your happiness is the biggest gift to yourself and everyone you come in to contact with in your day. Fill your cup and let it spill over. As for me, I am going to continue letting my heart bloom #findyourbalance #createyourownhappiness #dalilama #quote @rainbowlovegreetings #rainbow #love #sacrificenothing #doyou