Wow, so I haven't posted in a bit. I have to admit after Art Basel my body has taken a toll. It's times like these when you step back to take a break and realize you have to make a change to sustain momentum. I definitely want to continue following my heart in creating but the change would be in exhibiting. It's challenging representing yourself. I think it's time I have someone represent me. Trust is huge in this process. I have had great experience working with galleries and the complete opposite. I feel vulnerable and don't want to get burned. Looking at my day job, my vision is to take art therapy to a wider audience. This is my dream and focus with my Creative Chakra online Ecourse. Hence, the rainbow love relates to my chakra love. Right now it's finding my balance and keeping my energy high for my family, art and my dreams. I am feeling a shift occur, great time for change in order to keep my body, mind and soul in check #rainbow #love #artist #painting #chakra #thirdeye #power #soul #art #portrait #miami #wynwood #newyork #rainbowloveapp #key #success