I wanted to take some time today and find out what type of art resonates with you? As an artist all my life, my art has gone through different phases. My adolescent years were turbulent and I was using art as a way to express my emotions as an outlet for healing. In college, I was creating for self-expression. It was a time for exploration and learning techniques. Now, my art has vision and purpose and I use it to manifest my desires. My intention now is to create art in order to manifest more peace in the world. Also, as an art therapist for 15 years I guide others to release what is no longer serving them.

Let’s explore which type of art resonates with you. Is it Art to Manifest, Art for Healing, or Art for Self-Expression?

Art for Manifesting is to create your future. Manifesting is to first hold the vibration within you in order to bring what you want into reality. You might be thinking, Vision Boards? Yes, they are a start. Yet, you can hold the vibration of what you want to make it a reality. For example, No Mud No Lotus mural hasn’t been created yet. I am manifesting it into reality. The more I practice the concepts of Law of Attraction, the more alignment I have with my desires. This is why I created the Art of Manifesting Program. To teach you the creative tools in order to manifest your heart’s desires.

Art for Healing is for working through emotions and using art to release, also know as,  Art Therapy.  When you are out of alignment, holding too much emotional baggage you are going to feel it in your body. It’s also very difficult to manifest if your out of balance. Usually the art created are not “pretty pictures’, they are more cathartic in nature.  Art Therapy is about shining the light on the darkness, balancing your chakras to release emotions in order to start creating the life you really desire. If you would like to see where you are imbalanced you can take a FREE Chakra Quiz.

Art for Self Expression is about creating something pleasing for yourself or for someone else. These pieces usually look great hanging over your couch. The act of just creating is pleasurable. Whether someone likes what they see is subjective. There may be a deep message behind the piece or maybe not. You might only know it’s intention from asking the artist.  As the observer, its your job to figure it out.

Whether you are an artist or an art appreciator I would love to know which type of art resonates with you. Let me know in the Creative Soul Online Retreat Facebook Group.