Tomorrow is the last release of interviews for the Creative Soul Online Retreat. Then we have a 3 day Replay where you can listen to all the amazing recordings.Here are some comments from participants:Oh my gosh!!! Debra Poneman just changed my life!! I'm crying joyful tears. I can't wait to listen to Katie next!! The Love Gypsy is the bomb!! Very intuitive and insightful!! Thank You!! I was pleased to hear how Shauna A. Bennis emphasized self love. It's so overlooked and shunned in some cirlces. In truth, we can't effectively give out what we can't give to ourselves. Like Shauna, I wished I had someone to cultivate this in me as I was growing up. Great interview. Thank you Leah and Shauna for sharing!You can still join us at #meditation #art #chakras #alignment #love #creative #soul #positivevibes #spiritual #sparkle #art #painting #intuitiveart #arttherapy @rainbowloveapp @catdepillar @thelovegypsy