This quote is from Debra Poneman's interview in the Creative Soul Online Retreat. We discussed our soul's journey and the importance of following our heart. Are you following yours? The time is always NOW. She even blessed us with a guided meditation, super deep and movingYou can join the Creative Soul Online Retreat by registering in the link in my bio. It starts in two weeks  Created with @rainbowloveapp Debra Poneman began transforming lives in the 1970’s when she studied with the greatest spiritual masters of the east — often in deep meditation for 10 to 12 hours a day – and then taught meditation to thousands. In the1980’s Debra immersed herself in the knowledge of the Masters of western metaphysical thought and founded Yes to Success Seminars teaching how to create outward success based on inner silence. #meditation #success #creative #soul #intuitivehealer #arttherapy #chakrahealing #chakras #painting #artist #spiritual #journey #quote #buddha