Ten years ago today I was sitting on the beach of Cabos San Lucas with two amazing friends that are really great at manifesting what they want in their lives. They told me their little secret of writing a yearly Letter to the Universe. This is a thank you letter and includes your intentions for the new year. I loved this concept. For the 7 Day creative Chakra Experience we will be crafting the letter in accordance to the chakras. Each one of the chakras relates to different aspects of our lives. Since we are co-creating with the universe it's a good time to get clear with what we want to manifest for 2017.If you would like to join us you can subscribe to www.leahguzman.com and I will send you the link to our free online group.Thank you for for your words of wisdom @photoneda #universe #chakra #soul #art #meditation #lettertotheuniverse #grateful #life #portrait #painting #leahguzman #energy #goodvibes #alignment