So grateful to have talented friends like @mattstockphotog to document my time in the studio. For the last 7 years I had a home studio. So moving into a studio outside my home feels like a big expansion. I have always been an artist, yet about 5 years ago I decided to come out of my shell and actually share my art with the world. Can I tell you I was terrified of even posting my work on social media! Thank the Universe I got over that fear. So much has evolved and changed the past five years. My kids are growing fast, my dreams have changed, I've let go of resistance and I continue to follow my heart. People always ask me how do I manage family, practice art therapy, make time to create and balance life in general? For me I have found that creating "flow" in my life has been  (and I have an awesome husband ). The flow I am referring to is Aligned action and really working on balancing my chakras (energy centers). I do get off track and I am not perfect. Yet, I have lots of self compassion and a big dream. My art is my outlet and my peace. This is my process as I continue to work on my expansion, taking risks and helping others along the way. #thoughts #studio #artist #canvas #mural #homedesign #miami #yogini #homedecor #lotus #blooms  #art #artcollector #contemporaryart #painting #intuitive #chakra #alignment #makingmagic