Repost @rainbowloveapp In the Creative Soul Online Retreat we are diving in to get aligned. Here is an overview of the chakras. If this interests you, join us www.creativesoulonlineretreat.comThe ChakrasCenters of energy in the body.Chakras are located at specific places in the body, and they each have many unique attributes that differ when the Chakras are open vs. blocked and in & out of balance.Chakras in balance:Crown Chakra:Wise, unprejudiced & awareThird Eye Chakra:Insightful, visualizing, & intuitive Throat Chakra:Self expressive, communicative, & open Heart Chakra:Compassionate, friendly, & harmonious Solar Plexus Chakra:Assertiveness, in control, & confident Sacral Chakra:Fluidity with emotions, sexually in-tune, & passionate️Root Chakra: Grounded, secure and presentIf you are not feeling these positive attributes it might indicate that one or more of your Chakras are blocked, overactive or under active, which can have a HUGE impact on your overall health, energy, & well being. You can jump in the Creative Soul Online Retreat and learn how to get aligned.Link in bio#chakrahealing #chakras #meditation #spiritual #artist #alignment #energy #universe #makingmagic #creative #soul