> DAY 2: July 20th: DISCOVER the blocks that stop you from creating flow in your life

> DAY 3 July 21st: CREATE rituals to jump start your art making sessions

> DAY 4 July 22nd: Choose the ENERGY to bring in happiness and abundance

> DAY 5 July 23rd: Step into the creative flow to SHARE YOUR GIFTS with the world

 I want to make sure you have support in getting into your creative flow as a result of what you learned during this training. So, I’ve opened up some spots to coach you on your healing and manifesting journey.
Schedule your FREE 30 minute Creative Soul Session to get clear on your goals and next steps below.

PLUS!: I’ll be running a participation contest during the experience. Join us LIVE and a chance to win Creative Soul Society Membership, Thriving Artist Business Course, Life is Your Masterpiece Painting Classes, or my book, Essential Art Therapy Exercises!

The world needs your gifts, whether you create art, or offer creative services. We shape our reality and society. It’s time to shine!

If you would like to dive deeper into game planning for your creative business, how to use art to heal and manifest schedule a free creative soul session below.