Thriving Artist Business Course

Artist in Business Online Course

Join me to inspire, inform and teach you from my own experiences of building a successful art business. Each week you will learn the steps to manifest your own creative empire. The 7 week course also includes 2 phone or Skype sessions with me for you to hone your craft, market your work and create cash flow in your art business.

This course takes the overwhelm out of creating your art business. I teach you how to get into the flow, go from surviving to thriving and create ease in your life to manifest your BIG Vision! You deserve to live your dream!

Topics Covered:

  • Your vision and mission
  • Structuring time for creativity and business planning
  • Balancing the masculine and feminine energy in business
  • Marketing and Communicating your brand
  • Building your community and Tribe
  • Love letter newsletters
  • Website
  • Your art and offers
  • Getting into the Money Flow
  • Big Picture Planning
  • Leaving a Legacy


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