Life is Your Masterpiece Course Online – One Time Payment

Life is Your Masterpiece Course: A Self-Study to Healing and Manifesting

The online creative classes are an independent guide to creating your life.

This online class infuses self-care and therapeutic art techniques that will tap into your intuition, help you gain valuable insights, release stress, and dig deep to help you resolve blocks that are preventing you from manifesting your desires.

The classes infuse mindfulness, journaling for reflection, chakra wisdom and art video instruction. The sessions focus on self-care looking at each area of your life. You will learn techniques to listen to your intuition, gain insight, relate symbols to your life, learn painting techniques, and have fun!

How it works:

Life is Your Masterpiece Online Sessions are now available as pre-recorded exercises that include meditation, video art instruction, and a downloadable pdf to learn healing strategies through art.

Each month has a different theme. You have access to take the classes at your own pace. Life is Your Masterpiece is suitable for beginning artists and more advanced. I walk you through the painting steps in the videos.  Once completed with the course you will have a full set of paintings to keep for yourself or sell.


Manifesting and Co-creating with the Universe Mandala: Crown Chakra

Listening to Your Intuition: Third Eye Chakra

Activated Affirmations: Throat Chakra

Resonating Love: Heart Chakra

Power with Purpose: Solar Plexus Chakra

In the Flow with Life: Sacral Chakra

Grounded with Money, Family and Home: Root Chakra

Animal Guides

Garden Visualization

Life as a Metaphor

Lotus Painting: Deepak Inspired

Life is Your Masterpiece

Once you sign up for these sessions you will receive a welcome email with supply list, your first class and all of the necessary information.

Join me for a Year of Life is your Masterpiece Creative Classes. $397.00 for the year (you can make 5 monthly payments for $87 a month). You will be billed 4 more times after paying today.


I know what Leah has to offer is truly valuable. I love the classes because it’s an out-of-the-box way of figuring things out for yourself. You gain insight into what’s being created and how it relates to your life. It’s incredibly important to learn skills of how to fix things within myself. Most importantly, the connections being made with the other participants is a gift too. ~Rachel Brown from Texas

More kind words~~~~

“Connecting to our chakras with an art medium can help uncover deep layers of self-consciousness. I enjoy “seeing” what I might be missing through meditation.”~Josie Castaneda

“This chakra course was very interesting and self-reassuring in my own self-worth.”~Maria Gil-Castillo

“This course brought self-awareness. It allowed me to think and bring creativity to my painting.”~Claudia Bolanos

“I loved the meditations at the beginning of the session and how the painting creates itself.”~Carol Walton

“Wonderful course! I feel lighter mentally and spiritually.”~Ampi Cortuegra

“Through the chakra quiz I became aware of my struggles with flexibility. Also, with nurturing myself and others. The paintings created will be a constant reminder to be open to change and joy.”~Natazha Cumberbatch

“The course was not only fun, creative, and relaxing but very informational. I started with an inner knowing of what I need to work on. By the end I had more clarity and felt more grounded.”~ Marilyn Reyes

“I’ve taken many painting classes with Leah. It started off as a one time class but rekindled a love of art and painting. Each painting has been an exploration of who I am. The process has become a very cool and rewarding new hobby. I am an engineer by training and had spent a long time on focused on facts, figures, numbers, and straight lines. I’m grateful for Leah helping me see the beauty in colors that touch, paints that are blended, and perfection in the abstract.” ~Marianne Grundwalt


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