I’m looking for creatives who want to join an art making MASTERMIND

“Creative Soul Society” is a monthly meet up for creatives to get clear on their intentions to manifest what they want in their lives through art.

Monthly Membership explores different themes focused on sharing your gifts in the world.

This group offers you:

  • Clarity
  • Direction
  • Guidance
  • Inspiration

Are you ready to make a difference in the world? Are you ready to share your gifts?

You will receive:

  • Guest Instructors
  • Monthly Art Making Meet Ups
  • Private Group to Connect Online

My intention is for you to think from the end. This means to envision your desire, dream big and then step into the reality.

Do you feel:

  • Unsure of how to manifest what you really want?

  • Are you craving community and want to be around other creatives?
  • Concerned that your clients won’t have the budget to pay for your art, services or workshops
  • Scared to share your art or services with others
  • Uncertain of how to spend your time
  • Fear of being judged

And even though you have no clear idea what you should be focusing on, feeling overwhelmed with marketing and creating there is support here.

If you…

  • wish you could have a road map showing you exactly how to set up a strategy, a business plan so your art and services are seen and appreciated.
  • would like to get easy strategies to find flow in your practice
  • wish you knew other artists who’ve been there and has been successful, have support to brainstorm ideas

TAKE A DEEP BREATH. I understand and have been where you are and I want you to know I can help.

I’ve been able to reach my ideal clients, move my art therapy practice online to reach a larger audience, write 2 art therapy books, partner with amazing organizations (Sacred Space, Althleta, Superfine Art, Seshtherapy, Spirituality & Health, Save Art Space, Society of Vascular and Intervention Neuroscience, and more). I want to share the knowledge of what I’ve learned with you.

Let me introduce you to the Creative Soul Society

Once a month we have a “Book Club Meet Up” where we make art with one of the healing exercises from my book Essential Art Therapy Exercises.

We meet 2x a month to make art related to what we want to manifest.

We have exclusive guest presenters.

All sessions will be recorded. You will have instant access to past recordings.

We focus on self-care

Opening the chakras

Discovering the messages in your art

Using Your Art as a Manifesting Magnet

If this group resonates with you, join us.

So much insight, inspiration and manifesting is happening in this community!!


Here are some kind words~

“I’m so glad I joined the Creative Soul Society.  Considering the isolation of the pandemic in the past year, I knew I needed some sort of community.  With the Creative Soul Society I got just that.  The members are warm, friendly, and creatives in their own right.  Leah is also supportive and engaged.  The guest speakers are top notch and full of energy.  The exercises we do from Leah’s book are also worthwhile.  She always puts a spin on the activities so that you get more than what you would have read in the book.  I now consider my membership in the Creative Soul Society an important piece to my self-care.  I get way more value than the $25 monthly membership fee.  Thanks Leah!”~ Member Maggie Colwell


“The online Creative Soul Society created by art therapist,  Leah Guzman has been a wonderful tool for  me and other creative women by coming  together on a monthly basis to discuss issues that affect our lives, personally and professionally.

This forum has provided me an  opportunity to participate in therapeutic  art experiences combined with the opportunity to discuss, explore and expand ourselves in a safe setting.  Besides providing her guidance as a therapist, Leah  also enriches our meetings  by inviting  other creative influencers and professionals thus gaining  additional insights and wisdom.

I would highly recommend the CSS to any creative who is interested in  exploring and  expanding  by learning and  engaging with other like minded persons.”

Member Liz Portuondo







Art Business Session with Artist Mona Lerch from Art Mums: Sunday, October 10th 3:00pm EST

Mona Lerch is a self-taught contemporary visual artist, artist coach, founder of Art Mums
United, Women United ART PRIZE and Women United ART MOVEMENT. She is currently
residing in Brno, Czech Republic.​

Mona believes that art has healing powers as it helped her to overcome postpartum trauma
that was accompanied by depression and anxiety. She’s passionate about sharing her
journey and she hopes to inspire other women artists to step outside of their comfort zone and reach for the sky.


Art For Self-Care: Sacral Chakra Painting with Leah Guzman, Sunday, October 17th 3:00pm EST

The sacral chakra is an energy field located below your belly button. It’s a container for your emotions. To keep your chakra balanced find constructive ways to deal with feelings. When balanced you will feel joy. An imbalanced chakra, spinning too fast or slow can lead to excess of fun things (ex. shopping too much or excessive drinking). Spinning too slow would be feeling no joy at all. Guilt is a feeling of an imbalanced sacral chakra. In this painting session I will guide you through an intuitive painting related to the sacral chakra symbols. This practice balances the sacral chakra.


Art Therapy Group: Emotional Landscapes with Leah Guzman Sunday, October 24th, 3:00pm EST

We are creating Emotional Landscapes that reflect our current life situation. This session will not be recorded for confidentiality purposes.


This is a monthly membership. You can attend any session you prefer.

This is an open community of like-minded creatives. You can join at any time and leave at any time.

Once registered the invite to virtual events will be emailed. You will also be invited to our private Facebook Group.

If you have further questions please contact me  hello@leahguzman.com


I look forward to creating with you!!


All my best,

Leah Guzman