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Want to push past your fear and life challenges in order to manifest your DREAM LIFE?

The intention for the Art of Healing and Manifesting program is to guide you to use your intuition and up-level every area of your life. Your life is your masterpiece. I will help with your transformation process by holding you accountable and working step-by-step of manifesting your dream.


In this program, TRANSFORMATION happens.

You will learn more about yourself, tap into your intuition and really use its powers, nurture your soul and build confidence to take the steps in manifesting your vision.

The art focuses on:

  • Mapping Your Course to make massive changes
  • Identifying Blocks
  • Building Confidence
  • Money Mindset to create abundance
  • Learn Creative tools to manifest
  • Practical daily tools for alignment and getting into the creative flow

  • Taking the steps to implement action
  • Increased happiness and abundance

  • Business plan for your creative endeavors

Investing in yourself results in increased happiness, love, emotional satisfaction, less stress, more abundance by following your heart in manifesting your dreams. This course up levels every area of your life. When you align your energy you bring in abundance with relationships, finances, health, and business.


The Art of Healing and Manifesting Program is OPEN now. You can schedule your consultation here: https://leahguzman.as.me/?appointmentType=2262172


“I hesitated because of the commitment of being held accountable. Yet, now I have a better outlook on situations and I shift my focus to what I want. I’m so happy I took the course. I liked the combination of using the chakras, art, and law of attraction to understand my thinking process of thinking and how to work through what is holding me back. I also appreciated how it taught us to utilize different tools to help with what you want to focus on.”

Denise Felix, From Chicago

“I had been wanting to work with Leah for a couple of years before I contacted her. I am so glad I made the investment in myself to work with such a beautiful exuberant soul who helped me to explore and disempower the chaos in my thoughts. Leah is nurturing and encouraging making it fun to sit with those typically stressful thoughts to better understand their root cause while identifying action steps toward becoming the best version of yourself.” L. W. from Florida


This online course is all about personal and spiritual growth. This series of guided creative sessions will help bring balance and harmony to your life while working on your heart’s desire.

You will learn ways to find balance through the creative process. You will learn how to nurture your creativity.  The one-on-one and group coaching combines art therapy, journaling, mindfulness practices to heal and raise your vibration. The Universe is vibrational and our own energy manifests what shows up in your life. You will learn to match your frequency to your desire.

By nurturing your creativity and feeling good, directly relates to manifesting what you want in your life. When aligned, you have synchronicity and signs from the Universe daily. It’s magicthe energy flowsyou vibrate at a higher frequency to bring in what you want to show up.




LEVEL UP every are of your life.

Investing in yourself results in increased happiness, love, emotional satisfaction, less stress, more abundance by following your heart and manifesting your dreams. The Art of Healing and Manifesting Program will help you level up every area of your life. When you align your energy you bring in abundance with relationships, finances, health, and business.

The Universe is speaking to us all the time. We are always manifesting whether we are conscious of it or not. My mission is to help you become a conscious creator and connect with your Higher Self.

You are a creative force. The time is now! What you are creating is needed in this world.

This is about finding your true happiness. Learn to listen to your intuition. Use your art as a manifesting magnet. Identify your blocks.

What is stopping you? Do you think it’s time or money? Or maybe you have fear? I will help you break through your limited mindset that is stopping you from achieving your dreams. We always say we don’t have time or money. When really it’s our own relationship with both. We have enough and it’s time to open ourselves to receive it.

I would be honored to support you on your journey. We are here to live on purpose. This is an inside job.

Your investment to yourself includes:

  • You have lifetime access to all the content in the training–even
    when new content is added to the training.
  • There are 8 Group Calls for the LAUNCH course
  • You can pay in full or in monthly payments (for no extra charge)
  • Accountability 14 individual sessions with
    me to clear any blocks and gain clarity about your offers.

  • Thriving Artist Business Course

  • You get to be a member of the Creative Soul Society and lead a
    group to practice your skills. You learn to call in your community. This is hands-on, practice-oriented training. These are ALL recorded.
    ● You will receive a certificate of endorsement upon completion

  • You will learn a marketing blueprint to market your art and services to support your financial goals (it works!)
  • My book, The Art of Healing and Manifesting
  • Access to Life Is Your Masterpiece Painting classes


artist, Leah Guzman, art therapist

Open Yourself to Transformation


Are you still on the fence?2020-05-05T00:09:20+00:00

Schedule your free consultation here. Let’s chat!

Do you have a payment plan?2020-05-05T00:08:48+00:00

Yes! Monthly installments are available.

Do I need to be an artist?2020-05-05T00:07:09+00:00

This course is designed for creatives who enjoy making art. You do not have to have any background knowledge in painting. The course can be interpreted in many different ways.

Questions in regards to the course:2021-03-08T18:19:04+00:00

How is the program structured?

You receive 14 individual sessions, at your own pace, you can do the Thriving Artist Business Guide and the Life is Your Masterpiece Painting Classes, and then you have the group support for 1 year.

This program is not for:2020-05-05T00:05:59+00:00

Someone is not ready to commit to their dreams.

Who this program is for:2020-05-05T00:05:03+00:00

A creative who is ready to take the next step in their life (all areas of life: spiritual, relationships, finances, and business)

Someone who wants to manifest their dream life.



This is what people are saying about this life-changing experience.

“Artist Leah Guzman is a Miami-based art therapist whose work and dedication to healing has done nothing short of saving my life. She was a catalyst during the darkest times, reminding me of my own inner light and her guidance on chakra and energy healing inspired my own path into wellness, as I found my capacity to be a source of healing to myself and other through Reiki.”

Barbara Varona, From Maimi

“Leah Guzman is very knowledgeable about the chakras and their symbolism, guiding participants through a variety of ways to find balance, including art, meditation, creative exercises, and crystal associations. She provides incredible video instruction showing how to create each artwork and includes a mini video introducing the focus chakra for the week. She posts the videos in the Facebook group, encouraging a group environment which provides additional support to participants. It is an amazing experience. One you don’t want to miss.”

Kim Woodcock, From Indiana

“This course has helped me clarify personal and professional goals. The group gave an opportunity to share and learn from others as well. I also learned new art techniques.”

Liz Portuondo, From Miami

“This course continues to integrate throughout the week in my life, reminding me to be conscious of what is going on in my life that relates to the particular chakra worked on.”

Dorian Zen, From Miami

“Taking Leah Guzman’s Art of Manifestation Program has helped me in ways that I never thought a “painting class” could. As an artist, I knew that painting made me happy, but I had never considered using it as a tool to help manifest the things I wanted in my life.

When I started the course I had read a few things about manifesting, but had no idea how to actually do it. I also knew of the chakras and knew that mine felt imbalanced but again had no idea how to fix them. When Leah offered the course to me I saw it as a way of getting some insight about myself and maybe getting a few tips on how to be happier. I got so much more than that and am eternally grateful to Leah for holding my hand through this journey and allowing me to discover things about myself and showing me how I could combine my love of painting with the forces of the universe to bring about positive change in my life and step into my own greatness. I have learned so much about healing and balancing the chakras, co-creating with the universe to manifest what you want, and how it all can work together harmoniously. I now have actionable steps to create what I want, journal exercises and resources to help gain clarity, and the confidence to change my life for the better. It can be a really hard journey to self-discovery, but having Leah there every step of the way to help guide me and to give insight and support is what really made the difference for me. She inspired me to start selling my artwork and now I have people asking me to come and show my artwork at all sorts of craft shows and vendor events.

I know that if it weren’t for Leah and her guidance and friendship I would not be who I am today. She helped me find my confidence in myself that I thought I lost a long time ago and for that, I will be forever grateful.”

Rachel Brown, From Texas

“It’s my mission to help serve utilizing my gifts of creativity and healing.  I am a board-certified art therapist and have been practicing for 17 years. It’s a joy for me to help you identify your block, learn new ways to navigate life and see transformation happen in your life.”

Leah Guzman


“Leah was gentle, loving and supportive keeping me accountable to my goals and reminding me of my power to choose in every moment. The sessions unfolded organically and I was challenged to create rituals and rhythms in my practice. This consistency created a structure that guided me through a series of paintings. I felt sometimes as if I were in magic school ~ her energy is contagious. I didn’t want the sessions to end.” ~Alicia Reyes

“I have more focus and more energy from the course. In my low days I have a reminder through the art and healing process of where to focus. Leah is a kind and compassionate person, she gently guides you back to yourself.” ~Andrea Arredondo

“You are such an amazing light and leader. You have changed my life and the work we do together has illuminated so much within me and in turn in the lives of those around me. I’m so grateful for you.”~Rachel Brown

After stalling out with cognitive, talk-based therapy, I knew I needed to get out of my head and find a more “embodied” approach. I discovered Leah through her art therapy workbook on Amazon, and was intrigued to find she offered a  “healing and manifesting” program combined 1×1 counseling, online classes, and group work. Although I was initially afraid to tune into the long-neglected, intuitive, feelings-based side of my personality, Leah put me immediately at ease. The woman practices what she preaches. She is comfortable in her own skin, moves with (rather than resists) the natural flow of life, and is, resultantly, outrageously productive. She is direct in the most gentle way possible, and helped me laugh through a lot of the issues that long inhibited my self-expression. By week 7 of our 14-week package, I got published in my first art exhibit and launched my first website (which I had wanted to do for a decade). I so appreciate her accountability and emotional support, and would recommend Leah to anyone who wants to make progress, at long last, on actually executing on their dreams.” Alexis O

If this resonates with you go ahead and apply.


Pay in full $3,300.00US




I would be honored to support you on your journey.

Much love and gratitude,

Leah Guzman


Please note: This course is non-refundable but exchangeable. You can exchange your service for a painting.











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