Song Bird is a part of the Collective Intelligence Art Series.

6″ x 7″

Spray paint, acrylic, on birch wood.

She is royal and interconnected to everything around her.

This little Warbler has been showing up in my life lately. This creature symbolizes the use of endurance and patience.  How long are you willing to wait and how far are you willing to go in order for you to achieve your dreams? Warblers can teach us those things.  This animal is showing us that in order for us to succeed in life, we must be persistent and we must possess a level of tenacity to endure the trials that life would bring us.  Believe that everything you do and every decision you make takes you a bit closer to the life that you dream of.  Do not let go of that dream, believe and you will get there.


Ready to hang or can stand (comes with perch). Price includes shipping in the USA.