The Color of You is founded on the principles of Color Psychology, which recognizes that colors, as part of a visual field, have a frequency corresponding to a range of emotions. In my research practicing art therapy and seeing which colors resonate with a person’s psychological state, I have recognized the profound power of visual art’s essential building blocks.

Additionally, these 7 paintings in the Color of You series would draw significant inspiration from the chakra system of ancient Hinduism. Achieving alignment of chakras, where personal energies are balanced, helps individuals find flow and harmony in their lives. My work with the pure form of color strives to generate this necessary equilibrium in my audience. When in balance, one feels as if in a state of flow, and desires are easy to manifest. By contrast, if a person’s chakra is out of balance, there will be a draw to the particular color that could restore needed balance. In a state of disequilibrium, one will also feel certain emotions in excess of others, and this feeling will be held in a particular corresponding area of the body. The goal is to restore balance. This can be achieved through interaction with color.

Which one resonates with you?


These paintings are created on wood panels with acrylic paint, gold leaf and resin.

The panels come in varying sizes to meet your needs.

4″ x4″

8″ x8″

16″ x 16″

36″ x 36″

They are shipped and ready to hang.

Interested in ordering from outside the US? Contact me directly for more information and shipping estimates.