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The intention for my art therapy practice is to hold space for clients to experience their emotions, creatively express them and cultivate new opportunities for navigating life.  My name is Leah Guzman and I’m an art therapy registered board certified art therapist (ATR-BC). My experience working with clients ranges from providing services to at-risk youth in crisis shelters, juvenile jails, and public schools. I also have experience working with adults in homeless shelters, psychiatric hospitals, supporting women in my private practice in person and online. Art has been an outlet for me during turbulent times and it’s my first defense in dealing with life challenges. Art is also a part of my daily regimen of  keeping my life in balance. I practice what I preach. My mission is to support others to find an outlet to connect, body, mind and soul through creativity. It’s incredibly satisfying to assist a person in realizing their true potential.

My clinical experience has been cognitive-behavioral approach to treat depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Art therapy is a way for clients to visually see what’s going on in their mind, learn new ways to change their thinking patterns, which leads to creating a new world for them to experience.

Let’s see how I can help you.

Are you feeling:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Depressed
  • Stressed
  • Anxious
  • Grieving
  • Suffering from a traumatic event
  • Going through a life transition (divorce, retiring, finding yourself)
  • Looking for a Creative Outlet


I have an artistic solution for you. It would be honored to hold space for you. I am committed to your transformation.

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach utilizing art and psychology to help improve lives by treating emotional and behavioral disorders. Through the art making process the participants can express their emotions and heal what is causing their anxiety, depression, or PTSD.  Art therapists are master-level clinicians trained to create therapeutic relationships with the participants to facilitate opportunities that will improve cognition, self-awareness, self-esteem, increase coping and social skills. The sessions are tailored to meet your emotional needs.


How is art therapy beneficial online?

What is great about online sessions is that there is no traffic.  You can do it in your home wearing your pajamas. It’s important to find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Please wear headphones. You will be using your own art supplies. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to meet Leah Guzman here ONLINE calendar . 

Once scheduled you will receive a confidential link to an online platform where we will meet virtually.



Online sessions are confidential and HIPPA compliant.


Choose the time and day from my online calendar.


Payment Options:

$150 an hour session

A minimum of 14 sessions. Monthly payment options are available. As low as $175.00 for 12 months.



Schedule your session now:



“Artist Leah Guzman is a Miami-based art therapist whose work and dedication to healing has done nothing short of saving my life. She was a catalyst during the darkest times, reminding me of my own inner light and her guidance on chakra and energy healing inspired my own path into wellness, as I found my capacity to be a source of healing to myself and other through Reiki.”
~~B. V. from Miami, FL

“I took some days to understand better my emotions after our beautiful online session.
After releasing some heaviness in my heart, I also released it through my body the following days. Our session worked in magical ways, and I clearly and intuitively knew how my chakras were interconnected and working with or against my self.
Being overseas was not a problem at all for our session. In our online session I was able to turn inwards and focus on my inner world, in my own space, while receiving prompts and guidance by you, and my biggest takeaway was about understanding how my solar chakra/ ego was in my way! It was taking too much space and not communicating with my heart and sacral chakras.
I also naturally knew how to nurture my body with orange -colored food and felt my body fluid in a way I couldn’t remember anymore. It was my first time in art therapy and this has been a beautiful outlet to heal and release the known and unknown through self-expression and creativity.

~N. M. from Italy 

I loved doing a session with Leah. It helped me tune into myself and gain clarity. I filled out Leah’s survey beforehand so she had a good understanding of my current state. In our session, she drew upon my survey and we had a effective discussion about who and where I am. She had me do a short meditation with visualization which grounded and inspired, and energized me. Then we did an art project (I painted with watercolors) to express what I felt. This helped me better understand myself and do inner work in order to manifest what I want. Doing the meditation and art project makes for a very different experience than other types of healing and coaching. As a visual person who loves art and craft projects, I found this to be very healing and energizing, especially with Leah’s uplifting energy! Thank you Leah!

~M. H. from New York


Sessions can be redeemed up to one year from purchase date. Sessions are non-refundable but are transferable (you can gift to someone in need).

If you do not use your sessions in one month they roll over to the next month. Sessions are non-refundable but can be gifted to another person. Cancellation policy: must cancel before 24 hours or you will be charged for the session.




What is art therapy and how does it work? Art Therapy is a mental health profession that incorporates art and psychotherapy. A trained art therapist guides you through art exercises related specific to your needs of healing.

Is there different types of art therapy? Yes, art therapy is based from different theoretical practices. I specialize in a cognitive-behavioral approach.

What conditions can be treated with art therapy? Art therapy can heal and support people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, and life transitions.

Does art therapy have an effect on one’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies? Mentally art therapy increases problem solving and coping skills. Emotionally art therapy provides a cathartic experience to express suppressed emotions. Physically, art making for 45 minutes reduces cortisol (the stress hormone). Spiritually your energetic body shifts which allows you to tap into Source, and your Higher Self for guidance. Your art speaks. Art therapy teaches you to understand the messages.

Are there complimentary methods to support one’s healing journey? I offer an online group community, Creative Soul Society. to support one’s journey.

Is there potential negative side effects to art therapy? Yes, people may say they are an art therapist, yet they have not gone through formal training (2 year master’s degree in art therapy). Art can open past wounds and trigger a negative response (flashbacks, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal ideation). A trained therapist will be able to safely guide an individual to a space for healing to occur.

What are some of the symptoms you see in in people with unresolved emotional issues, in particular women? Unresolved issues stemmed from childhood can lead to low self-esteem and self worth, anxiety, depression, patterns of behavior where they lack self-care.

How is art therapy different from conventional psychotherapy? When you create a physical piece of art it’s an extension of yourself, your thoughts and emotions. You can help a person reflect on their life and thoughts because they are in front of you to see.

Do you see people for consultations? Yes, I prefer to meet and find out if we are a good fit. You can schedule a free consultation here.


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