Life is Your Masterpiece Creative Class:

The life is your masterpiece creative class is a monthly online art experience, delivered in a group community setting. 

During our 2-hour session together, you will be guided to create. We will infuse self-care and art therapy techniques that will tap into your intuition, help you gain valuable insights, release stress, and dig deep to help you resolve blocks that are preventing you from manifesting your desires. 

This live and online creative class will provide the opportunity for you to create, share and seek guidance. You will learn effective tools and share in the influential power of community inspiration and apply these lessons in your everyday life. 

Each creative class will be offered on the first Thursday fo the month, between 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST. 

Once you sign up for a session you will receive a welcome email with all of the necessary information. 

Should you wish to join me for a year of Life is Your Masterpiece please below.

$30.00 individual session
$360.00  for the year (you can make monthly payments of $30). If you prefer to do this then schedule a call with me here.


I joined Leah’s Life is Your Masterpiece course on a whim. I love being creative yet rarely find the time with my busy schedule. Having a quiet hour to relax, explore and express was such a gift. Through Leah’s class, I was able to let go, unwind and exhale. I found parts of myself that needed some nurturing and found support in the women who showed up. Leah does a wonderful job of holding space while inviting all parts of you to show up. No judgements. All skill levels and personal expressions welcome. Highly recommend. ~ Beth Kirlin from Pennsylvania