Discover the healing power of art therapy

The purposeful act of making art can be more than a creative outlet. It can also help individuals gain self-awareness, process difficult thoughts, and even ease the effects of past traumas. Essential Art Therapy Exercises, a cognitive behavioral therapy workbook, offers a range of creative activities to help you better understand yourself, develop control over your emotions, and aid the healing process.

This well-reviewed art therapy workbook includes:

  • Exercises for healing and self-discovery―75 strategic art therapy activities offer new opportunities for self-expression and tools for coping with mood and personality disorders.
  • Supportive prompts and interactions―Each exercise includes an explanation of its purpose and potential outcomes along with a series of insightful post-activity questions.
  • Judgment-free guidance―Learn the basics of different artistic techniques and mediums, like drawing, painting, and sculpting―no previous art experience necessary.
  • Helpful supply lists and tips―Includes a complete list of the art supplies you’ll need for each art therapy project and advice on creating your own healing space.

Find new peace and positivity with Essential Art Therapy Exercises.

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