Creative Soul Society Membership



I’m looking for creatives who want to join a MASTERMIND.

“Creative Soul Society” is a monthly meet up for artists that want to sell their art or offer workshops (virtually or in person).

Monthly Membership to discuss art business and sharing your gifts in the world.

This group offers you:


Are you ready to make a difference in the world?

Are you ready to share your gifts?


You’ll receive:


My intention is for you to think from the end. This means to envision your desire, dream big and then step into the reality.



Do you feel…..

  • unsure of how to price your art or service
  • concerned that your clients won’t the budget to pay for your art, services or workshops
  • worried that you won’t be consistent with income as an artist
  • scared to share your art with others
  • uncertain of how to spend your time

And even though you have no clear idea what you should be focusing on, feeling overwhelmed with marketing and creating there is support here.


If you….

wish you could have a road map showing you exactly how to set up strategy, a business plan so your art and services are seen and appreciated.

would like to get easy strategies to find flow in your practice

wish you knew other artists who’s been there and has been successful, have support to brainstorm ideas


TAKE A DEEP BREATH. I understand and have been where you are and I want you to know I can help.


I’ve been able to reach my ideal clients, move my art therapy practice online to reach a larger audience, write 2 art therapy books, partner with amazing organizations (Sacred Space, Althleta, Superfine Art, Seshtherapy, Spirituality & Health, Save Art Space, Society of Vascular and Intervention Neuroscience, and more).  I want to share the knowledge of what I’ve learned with you.


Let me introduce you to the Creative Soul Society.

If this group resonates with you, join us.


The membership is $25 a month.

After registering you will receive the link to our hub of upcoming meetings, workshops, and the private group.


If at anytime, you need to let go you are welcome to end your membership. We can meet again at another time.








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