• The Celestial Being is all about alignment. She is connecting with the feminine moon energy and is open to receive. 10"x10" oil and spray paint on wood
  • Celestial Being is holding her mudra in meditation connecting to Source Energy. You receive when you are open. 10"x10 oil paint, spray paint, and gold leaf on birch wood
  • Key Logo Pendant Necklace

    Leah Guzman Logo Key Pendant   If you are looking for a sweet handmade art gift for your mom, daughter, wife, upcoming graduate or any lovely lady in your life I have key pendant necklaces in my shop.  Give a gift that they will treasure forever. The key pendant is unique by its design elements. The key lays horizontal when worn and has 3 open hearts representing  the special connection we have with mind, body and spirit. The "key" to keeping a balanced life. 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked Subscribe to my website to receive free art treats. Leah Guzman is Miami based artist and board certified art therapist. Her abstract and figurative works are richly symbolic, spiritual and organic. Leah’s art pieces are held in private collections around the world, including the UK and United States. She counts the Art Nouveau style and artists Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt among her influences. Her work, however, carries an energy that is uniquely hers. Each piece reflects Leah’s curious, explorative, youthful and novel view on the world; each embodies an inquiry – soulful, scientific, existential or otherwise. She draws on the mythological, the biological and the visceral for inspiration and guidance. Her intention is to create art that resonates with your soul, that can uplift your spirit and bring more light and love into the world. Keys are symbolic for power and opening doors to infinite possibilities. We all hold a key. I chose the key logo for my art business to unlock energy, creativity, and to make positive connections. Size large 2" long pendant includes 16" chain.  Available in 18k gold or Sterling Silver.   $150.00 Sterling Silver  
  • Luna 24" x36" oil and spray paint on birch wood Click image to view entire painting. "Luna" is looking for love. She gazes at the two roses she holds. She has the realization in order for her to manifest love she has to find it within herself first. The Universe will match your vibration. This painting was inspired by my two favorite artists, Klimt and Mucha, and a 1920's vintage post card.
  • Seeker

    The "Seeker" is about one's journey to seek Enlightenment and peace in the moment. She looks towards the clouds (a keyhole) for the answers, yet she holds the key. Her third eye shoots a rainbow symbolic of listening to her intuition. The Soul Series collection of oil paintings on wood, explore the connection of mind, body and soul through art. I use symbolism and mixed media to portray the journey of transformation to seek enlightenment. My intention as a seeker is to bring awareness of the invisible universal energy through the portraits I paint. 30" x 40" x 2" oil paint, gold leaf on wood