Okay, I have to admit that putting myself and my dreams out into the world makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. I think I actually have enjoyed this process of coming out of my shell  to let you know the direction I am heading. Art is so powerful. We are all born to create. This is my way of co-creating with you and the universe. This is the last days of the Fed Ex grant contest. Expanding my Creative art vision, chakra art Ecourses and online art therapy.Will you ask 3 friends to vote?Super easy, takes 20 seconds. Just hit the link and enter your email...voila...supporting a creative vision and ultimately bringing more peace into the world 🏻🌎 the link is in my bio https://smallbusinessgrant.fedex.com/Gallery/Detail/807bd4ca-64a0-4552-b1ff-222837fc0af5/?cmp=EMT-1003834-7-1-200-1111110-US-US-EN-SBGCENTRYAPPRO0&ET_CID=96949&ET_RID=17696032&LINK=cta#manifest #goodvibes #artist #fedexgrant #painting #portrait #universe #energy #karma #chakrahealing #chakra