"Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what appears in the roots." ~RumiWe tend to look outside ourselves for comfort and happiness. The Root Chakra is about grounding, survival needs such as financial independence, money and food. If imbalanced the emotion experienced will be fear and anxiety. I struggle with this one. When I don't make time to take care for my body I definitely feel imbalanced. It's the first chakra and aligns the rest. I also notice when imbalanced I can't get all my art ideas to turn into a reality. As an artist this can be frustrating. Exercise and spending time in nature can help balance the root chakra. When you become aware of the chakra energy structure and how it relates to your life you can make changes to increase well being. Awareness is key.Join Miami’s Independent Thinkers and Leah Guzman for a creative chakra workshop. Find out if your chakras are balanced. Then create a piece of art specifically designed for the chakra you need or want to strengthen. Leah Guzman is an artist and board certified art therapist who will assist you in creating a mystic masterpiece using the chakra symbols. When you learn about and utilize the body chakras in a creative way it will provide you with greater insight and balance in your life.Saturday, September 17th from 11-1pm
Located at Gallery 2612 NW 2nd Avenue, Wynwood, FL
All art materials included $65.00Register here:https://leahguzman.com/product/rock-your-chakras-workshop#rockyourchakras #dowhatyoulove #soul #painting #art #wynwood #chakras #rootchakra #tree #rumi #divine #elements #sacredgeometry #gold #quoteoftheday #quote #drawing #sketch #wip #design @gallery2612 #leahguzman