MOTIVATIONS FOR THE WORK: As an artist and art therapist I am motivated to support people in connecting their mind, body and soul through viewing art, reflecting on their own life, and experiencing a public art exhibit to support their vision.

CONCEPTS BEHIND THE PROJECT: My intentions for the Manifesting Labyrinth event was to set up the emotional groundwork to create your wildest dreams. When you are able to create the frequency within yourself its the Law of Attraction that will bring it to you. We live in a Vibrational Universe, this is Einstein’s theory, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

The event first started with a sound bath performed by Vic Blessings. This is where you lay on the ground on a yoga mat, eyes closed and you are bathed with sound from singing bowls. The sound naturally raises your vibration and makes you feel happy. Leah Guzman leads you through a discussion about manifesting and a writing activity. The artwork displayed at the event was created by local artists with a spiritual thread throughout their work.  The Manifestation Labyrinth was created out of 650 feet of painted PVC pipe and lights. In the center is a large bowl of water with crystals, mirrors and flowers to hold everyone’s intentions. After the sound bath and writing workshop, you are guided through the labyrinth to place your intentions. 




CONTEXT WITHIN PAST WORK:The first labyrinth I created was 20 years ago on the rooftop of the San Francisco Art Institute where I was attending art school. It was made with little sheets of metal and grass seeds. The intention of this labyrinth was to implement a meditative practice as I walked, watered the seeds daily and watch the grass grow. The second labyrinth was created out of multicolored cloth in a field at a Psychiatric Hospital where I was an art therapy intern. The intention for this labyrinth was to offer peace for the patients. In 2018 I created the Manifestation Labyrinth experience at Sacred Space in Miami, Florida. Different colored cloth was used to create the 650′ public art piece which incorporated chakra colors. My vision is to recreate this labyrinth experience in different locations around the world. 



WHY IT MATTERS (Meaningful impact on the local community and culture):

This event provides community to promote connection, feeling good and inspiration.

Providing meaningful events such as the Manifesting Labyrinth brings people together to connect with their souls, share their dreams, and make new friends.

One participant responded, “I could have stayed at the event all night. It was Absolute Bliss. Everyone is setting their intentions, positive thoughts, positive people, where I felt the force.”-Josh Mattey from Miami, Florida.


Manifestation Labyrinth Reviews: 

“Recently I attended the Manifestation Labyrinth and Art Experience Leah created in a beautiful space in Miami. It was truly the highlight of my year. Through the Manifestation Labyrinth and Art Experience, Leah creates a space that brings people together at a special time and place and raises the consciousness and universal vibrations for us all. The 30 minute sound bath followed by the instructional writing of my letter to the universe and mantra is an experience that aligns the physical, mental, emotional, and spirituality of us all. It is from this alignment of ourselves that we experience the power of our collective consciousness and the Manifestation Labyrinth. For me, the most powerful part of the labyrinth is the recognition and understanding that the labyrinth is a dance of the souls. It beautifully demonstrates life, the power of our individual paths, and the increased power during those times when we walk with others. The power of the Manifestation Labyrinth and Art Experience is already clear; in less than 2 weeks, I have already experienced my letter to the universe and mantra set into motion. I look forward to making the Manifestation Labyrinth and Art Experience an annual pilgrimage.” -Supna Shah 



“Leah’s Labyrinth event was such a touching experience for me.  The guided meditation brought me out of myself and to somewhere else.  I felt safe and at such ease.
Writing to the universe about what I was thankful for and what I want to manifest was therapeutic for me.  I could not stop writing.  I took a step back doing that and felt such gratitude.
The Labyrinth was so beautiful and memorizing.  I Love the meaning behind it.  As I walked through it, I was thinking about what I wrote to the universe and what I was thankful for in my life now and what I will be thankful for.  
Before that evening, I had already decided that I needed more self-love and self care in my life. I have to relax more and not sweat the small stuff.  I, believe, that between the meditation, writing to the universe, and walking through that amazing Labyrinth it has stayed with me.  I have been giving a little more to myself and keeping my focus on what I do see to come.  
I recommend this to anyone who wants to get a little more in touch with oneself.  experience beautiful art.  Or take a step back and think about what they have and what more they want in this life.”
– Breena Birnholtz 

 “So grateful Leah Guzman, for a beautiful and magical evening of creating and manifesting. The Manifestation Labyrinth event was a powerful experience from the very beginning when you walked in surrounded by inspiring works of art, to connecting to our hearts with sound healing, and then guided by Leah as we wrote our letters of gratefulness and manifestation to the Universe. It was a magical feeling to turn this manifestation into a mantra which I repeated as I walked the beautiful Labyrinth which held all the colors of the chakras while feeling the vibrations of the drumming. In the end releasing my manifestation to the water. Wowee!!!!So blessed to have experienced such a powerful evening and thankful to Leah for sharing this co-creating magic with her. I felt so complete.” 

-Mari De La Rosa  

I hope to see you at the next installation of the manifesting labyrinth!

Creatively yours,

 Leah Guzman