Metamorphosis Mural by Leah Guzman

Are you a creative person spending more time daydreaming than pursuing your heart’s desires?

I used to do that too.

Through my experience, I’ve learned that it’s important to follow these steps to stop dreaming and start living your best life now:


  • You need to learn more about yourself and see what energy in your body and life needs balancing.  


  • Then, you can start aligning your chakras to live your best life. When your chakras are aligned manifesting your desires comes easily


Watch this video below to learn more about the chakras and manifesting.


Be sure to take the Chakra Quiz to see how you are aligned.

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You might be asking, “How do I even know if I’m out of balance?” Good news! You can use my quiz as a way to check your energy centers. Each energy center, also known as a “chakra,” relates to different elements in your body and life. The first step in manifesting is knowing where your chakras are imbalanced.


The Hindu philosophy bases this on the chakra system, which refers to spinning energy wheels in the body. Each chakra incorporates a color and various symbols to represent the energy system. If a chakra is imbalanced it will show up in your life, relationships and in feelings in the body.  When you are able to have each chakra in balance you are “in the flow”.  When you are “in the flow,” energy is moving and what you desire manifests. One of my favorite parts of being “in the flow” is seeing how many synchronistic events happen at one time. An example of a synchronistic event is having a thought and then seeing it show up before you. Miracles happen daily.

I have been an art therapist for 15 years. My passion is helping empower women by connecting body, mind and soul through the creative process. I am also an artist. As an artist, the personal practice of creating my work is spiritual and it embodies energy. I have seen in my own life that when I get all of my chakras into alignment I can manifest my desires. It’s all about the inner work. Through the years, I have been able to manifest a beautiful family, an art therapy practice, a thriving art business, a studio to create, family vacations and my ideal clients.


By incorporating the chakra philosophy into my art and art therapy practice, I have taught my clients how to use the chakra symbols, colors, and various tools to strengthen their energy centers. Through these teachings, they have manifested their own relationships, healed past emotional baggage, built their own self-confidence, started their own businesses and most importantly, they’ve created the life they desired.

Painting in my studio.

You can learn all the tools too! I want you to gain insight about your own chakras, and learn how to balance them with strengthening tools and creativity. I want you to feel amazing and “in the flow”.


Take this Free Chakra Quiz to learn more about yourself, assess which of your chakras need balancing, and then start the process of making your dream a reality.

Once you take the quiz, and write out what you want, you’ll receive supportive and educational emails from me to explain the chakras. I can also help you stay accountable to stepping into your best life.


Take the first step to creating the life you desire.


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Creatively Yours,



P.S. One last reminder to watch the MANIFESTING VIDEO and get your FREE  CHAKRA QUIZ.