Life is so precious.I am about to be 40 and I definitely want to start documenting more of this sweet life. Today I am starting a 30 day post Gratitude Challenge. I have been doing this in a journal nightly for over a year and now I want to amplify the energy. Once you start the gratitude practice you catch yourself through out the day finding more to be grateful for...imagine how this shifts your energy on a daily basis. Your vibration raises and then you are attracting even more of what you want. Hence, this is why I am a bit obsessed with chakra work and manifesting. Who knows maybe you will be  inspired to try this practice too?Day 1Today I am grateful for special time alone with Carmen. She helped me hang photos and art around our new home, which totally made it cozy.Grateful for inviting Carmen's friend over and listening to little girls giggling.Grateful for finding this two headed beautiful orchid plant in the store hiding with the single stems, Score!Grateful for iced teaGrateful for finding this new quote today"Get out of your head and into your heart, think less, feel more" ️ #gratitude #manifest #energy #portrait #positivevibes #peace #happiness #yogini