I've been hiding. So much distress in the world 🌎 got me out of alignment (root chakra imbalance! Yikes!). I could feel the collective energy of anxiety (and I got sucked in). So what happens when you get off track?  You start to realize your unhealthy patterns. For me it's avoidance, trying to hide, and not engaging (in every area of my life). For others it might be irritation and lashing out. The beautiful part of resistance and contrast is that you need this experience to lift you up, otherwise you would have no life! Contrast and imbalance are a part of the process. Thank the Universe I am back in the flow!Being off helps you realize what you really want. For me, I wanted to get back into my FLOW (connecting to Source energy, meditating, and painting). I felt like I was in a whirlwind. My friend told me this story about getting tripped up. If you were walking down a path and you stumble over a branch. Do you beat yourself over for falling down? Or can you view the branch you are stepping on as LIFTING you momentarily? The contrast is actually teaching you a lesson. The contrast is lifting you for a moment so you can figure out what you really want to manifest in your life. I knew I didn't like feeling out of alignment, and I am grateful that I have the tools to get me back on track. I actually have more CLARITY of what I want to offer the world, getting into alignment, serving others and raising my vibration for the collective. So this is me diving in and offering you a Free WEBINAR about CHAKRA MANIFESTING:a step-by-step approach to releasing blocks and getting what you want with ease and confidenceHere it is and I am jumping in!WHEN: Wednesday, September 27th 4:30pm EST/ 1:30pm PSTWHERE: Creative Soul Online Retreat Facebook GroupHow much: FREE, on your computer or phoneYou will learn:how to identify blocks in your chakrastools to strengthen the chakras FREE chakra quizhow to manifest easily and get what you really want!The link is in my profile #chakra #universe #alignment