I have been getting back into my yoga practice after a good 10 year break. In today's class I had tears falling, not from the physical act but an emotional release. Letting go whatever I was holding on to these past few years. It's so good to let go in order to bring in more joy. I feel so much lighter  What I have learned so far on this spiritual path is that you have to choose joy every step of the way.  It's not about the end product, even though I post completed paintings it's really about the process. Finding joy in the process. You really want to feel the end result in order to manifest what you want. Release whatever is holding you back along the way.Sunday I will be leading a Sacral Chakra painting class @artistsatthefalls in Miami. We will be focusing on letting go to bring in more joy. Thank you @radiantwildheart for my chakra stones#raiseyourvibration #sacralchakra #chakra #art #painting #yoga #align #universe #energy #crystals #stones #miami