I had so much fun exhibiting my art at the Epic Hotel last night ️I have to tell you my manifestation story that goes along with this event.I was on the phone with a dear friend who I talk to weekly about manifesting. We discuss what we have manifested the previous week and the baby steps for our next dream. I was upset that day because I didn't get into a New York exhibit that I really wanted to be in. My lovely friend reminded me that the Universe has something better for you. You need to be open to receive. I loved that message. Any time something doesn't work the way you want remember there is a reason and be open for something better. Right after we hung up I received a call with the invitation to exhibit a solo show at the Epic Hotel!The Universe is so abundant. I am so grateful ️ #manifestingmadeeasy #makingmagic #alignment #exhibit #miami #art #painting #portrait #mixedmedia #epic #love #gratitude