FREE 7 DAY CREATIVE CHAKRA EXPERIENCE ️☄️ Date: Sunday, January 1-7th, 2017 Time: Online 9:00amWhere: Free, on your computer or phone! (Once you sign up you will receive log in details)Register: subscribe www.leahguzman.comDuring this FREE 7 Day Creative Chakra Experience you'll discover:The chakras are energy centers in the body that are governed by spiritual laws. We can explore each chakra in a creative way to tap into more happiness and harmony. The Creative Chakra 7 Day Experience is designed to inspire you to dig deeper, bring awareness of habits, to create transformation in your life.  You will receive a FREE Chakra Assessment! ....and much more.I have been practicing art therapy for over a decade and have been an artist all my life. I teach tools and techniques to transform your energy to vibrate at a higher frequency and to have more peace in your life.This FREE 7 Day Creative Chakra Experience is hosted on Facebook. It will be held from, January 1st-7th at your own time and space. Are you ready to make some changes in 2017? #alignment #manifestation #artist #chakra #consciousness #2017 #newyear #soul #art #soulpainting #balance #yoga #om #peace #miami #love #arttherapy