Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed.~~Albert EnsteinThis is my invitation to join me for 7 days of channeling and transforming our energy.It's called #CreativeChakraChallenge. It's about learning about the energy centers in the body, one a day, and how they relate to your life. It's about learning how to balance your energy.Ultimately, #CreativeChakraChallenge is about finding out if our chakras are balanced and then learning ways to strengthen them in order to have wellbeing. By being honest with our habits and then making small changes we can learn to get into the flow of life.I have been inspired to create this challenge by using the chakra system in art therapy with my clients, in my own art and relating the process to my life by making small changes that has brought me great joy. It takes about 10 minutes a day to check in.Here's what it looks like:When: Monday, September 26th-October 2ndWhere: Instagram + FacebookWhat you will need: Smartphone that takes pictures and a sketchbook.Cost: FREEHow does it work: Each day (starting 9/26th, its a Monday), for 7 days, I'll send you an email prompt to teach you about the chakras and their symbols. Then you'll share pictures of how you relate to the chakra. This could be picking out a symbol, a sketch, an inspired image or a story.Then you share your pictures on instagram (using the #CreativeChakraChallenge hashtag). Or you can post in our private Facebook group. The awesome part is you will meet like-minded friends in the process.All the materials will be located in the files section on a daily basis in the Facebook group.. Here is the can invite friends too. Just have them subscribe to my newsletter and I will add them to the list. #chakras #art #chakrahealing #chakra #chakrabalancing #einstein #energy #transformation #arttherapy #goodvibes #yogi #om #rainbow #creative #soul #challenge #artist #instaart #artoftheday