YESS!!! It’s DAY 5!!!!!

Life is Your Masterpiece is a program that teaches the skills of how to align with the Universe and manifest your desires.
Life is your Masterpiece Program

I hope you have learned through this 5 Day Challenge that healing can be fun. Creativity is our Superpower! If we don’t use it, we lose it!


 What did you learn about yourself in this challenge?

What do you think you need to do next to uplevel your life?
Do you have Game Plan yet?

We are taking ALIGNED ACTION of our manifestation. Aligned ACTION is the next best step moving into creating our dream into a reality. What do you FEEL inspired to do?

Here is a tip: I meditate in the morning to find my best next step.

For example: Last year I wanted to take my family on a ski trip. I posted an image of a couple skiing on my vision board. I started looking for snow boots on Amazon and bought a pair. A week later my friend who lives in Colorado invited my family to her house to go skiing. It was magic! My dream trip manifested! 

Even if you don’t know the HOW just take a step anyways. Play the game.
What can you do today to move a step closer to your manifestation?

Sample Actions:

  • Collect images on Pinterest and create a vision board.
  • Take a stand to call in your tribe and inspire your community with a post.
  • Post a piece of art for sale on Instagram or Facebook
  • If you are manifesting money, take an inventory of your money coming in and going out. Post an item for sell from  your closet on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Manifesting a romantic partner, pick out an awesome dress for your future date night.

Every area of your life will need this attention. Consequently, this is why it’s important to take inventory of where you need to place your energy. Small aligned actions can create big shifts.

Be sure to post your Challenge Images in the Creative Soul Facebook Group. I will be announcing winners shortly!!! 


Creatively yours,

Leah Guzman

P.S. I am going LIVE 5pm EST today to discuss the manifesting process through the chakras and to reflect on your vision. Set your alarm and join us in the Creative Soul Online Retreat Facebook Group.

What Chakra are you needed most support with? If you are unsure  you are welcome to schedule a call with me to gain more insight.

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