Day 4 of gratitude...Grateful for making our new home cozy.Grateful for amplifying gratitude and reflecting on how it can change your perspective. The other day I asked my kids what they wanted for dinner and it turned into an argument shouting match as I was driving down the street about who wanted what. This is the usual time my anxiety skyrockets and I could have joined the match. With gratitude I was able to continue  driving in peace. I changed my thoughts to, "Wow, I am so grateful for my kids having an opinion and a backbone to speak up about what they want." I prefer people speaking their mind rather than being a wet noodle and tell me they "don't care" or "whatever". They eventually figured it out on their own.Gratitude is training your mind to think differently. When things don't work out the way you want then there is always space for something better to arise. You just have to catch your thoughts before they go to the downward spiral.Grateful for lazy Sundays and getting ready for more family celebrations.#gratitude #challenge #painting #homedecor #raiseyourvibration #manifest #peace