What? DAY 4!!!

Big Congratulations if you are still here, doing the work. For healing and transformation to occur you have to do the self care, even when it gets tough. Our power comes when we SHOW UP and follow through with our intentions. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra is about our power with purpose, self worth, and confidence. The Solar Plexus can be blocked by shame.

TRANSFORMATION comes from taking ACTION. 

Our EGO is a trickster. The Ego wants to protect us from failing. It will also stop you from taking the next step to uplevel, share your gifts, and manifest your desire.

How can we be true to ourselves?   It’s through LOVE. To align with the Universe and co-create we must LOVE our self first, take care of our relationships with time, money, family, friends, colleagues, and our ENERGY.


1) IDENTIFY: What do I have to do to feel more worthy? Make a list of all the COOL things that you have done in your life.

For example: I think it was cool my art was on a billboard during 2017 Art Basel in Miami. I got to exhibit and sell my brain painting collection for 3 years at a neurosurgeon conference. I met my husband 20 years ago after a psychic told me I was about to meet him (described him perfectly) and I did! 

2) ACTION: Do something today that brings you joy. We are creating the feeling within us that matches the vibration we want to manifest.

What is the feeling you have when you have manifested your desire?

Here are some examples I like to do:
buy myself flowers (beauty), meditate (clarity), go rollerskating (feeling of freedom), give a compliment (brings appreciation), journal what I’m grateful for (brings abundance).

Life is your masterpiece! Creativity is how we infuse love into everything we do. It’s how you decorate your space, cook your dinner, and nurture your relationships.

3) To be eligible for a prize you have to post your task in the group your image or writing. Tag the image #LIFEISYOURMASTERPIECEDAY#4

Creatively yours,

Leah Guzman

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