Welcome to DAY 2!!!

Every soul desire that you have is accessible and given to you as a gift from the Universe. It starts from bringing the energy from our Crown (Consciousness), co-creating and manifesting all the way down to the Root (Earth).

Most Creatives enjoy living in the upper chakras. From my research of the Chakras and many interviews with Creatives I have learned that manifesting gets blocked mostly in the first three chakras (Root, Sacral and Solar Pexus Chakras) because they need healing and balancing.

The reason they become blocked is by our experiences and stories we tell ourselves. These BLOCKS can also be called a CHARGE.
What gets you charged up?

We are going to open the portal to the Root Chakra today. The Root Chakra is about security, feeling safe, money, basic needs, family, connection to your own physical body, creating structure and consistency in our lives. Doing this work is a self-investment.

If you are imbalanced in this chakra you will feel anxious or experience fear.


1) IDENTIFY: What are 3 things that are stopping you from manifesting your DESIRE? 

2) IMAGINE: What would you do if your weren’t afraid? 

3) CREATE: Choose a color to represent your fear. Use line, shape and color to create a representation of your fear. Create an avatar of your fear. Give it a name.

4) To be eligible for a prize you have to post your task in the group your image or writing. Tag the image #LIFEISYOURMASTERPIECEDAY#2

Be sure to share what has come up with your accountability partner.

Creatively yours,

Leah Guzman

P.S. I am going LIVE 5pm EST today to discuss the manifesting process,healing through the chakras and to reflect on your vision. Set your alarm and join us in the Creative Soul Online Retreat Facebook Group.

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