Manifesting, Healing and Constructing through Creativity

Welcome to DAY 1!!!

Let’s start our journey together. A big question to ask ourselves is what does my soul want to experience?

The soul’s journey is not always a straight path. It’s a labyrinth, a maze of twists and turns, collecting experiences along the way. The tools I will be sharing with you are sacred wisdom (chakra knowledge) to make the terrain easier to navigate and make your experience more fun!

If you are not sure of what your soul wants then try this creative visualization meditation to get an idea.

Today we are going to THINK from the END. What is it that your heart wants to experience? 

Each day builds on itself so be sure to complete all days to get the most out of this challenge.


1) IDENTIFY: Imagine looking at at the best year of your life. What happened during this year/ What does it look like? Who were you with? What types of relationships do you have? What kind of work are you doing? How much money is in your bank account? I suggest writing out your manifestation as if it has already happened.

2) IMAGINE: Draw out this image with yourself in the picture. You can be an avatar. 

3) ALIGN: Choose a color to surround yourself that represents who you are at this time of manifestation and the energy you are vibrating.

4) To be eligible for a prize you have to post your image or writing in the Creative Soul Online Retreat Facebook group. Tag the image #LIFEISYOURMASTERPIECEDAY#1

Be sure to find an accountability partner and share it with them.

Creatively yours,

Leah Guzman

Day 1: Art for your Soul Challenge