Art Therapy| Connecting to the heart

The heart is one of the wisest organs. Your heart actually contains neurons, similar to those in your brain, and your heart and brain are closely connected, creating a symbiotic whole. Listen to your heart is an old saying but can bring you much happiness.

The heart is all about our relationships. Think of all the types of relationships you have in your life: your parents, a partner, you may be a parent, friendships, and colleagues. Most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. If you are feeling a disconnect in any relationship this exercise will help you give you tools in order to be balanced and connected. This exercise is about healing the heart. Let’s dive in to heal and thrive. If you would like to watch the free video, click here.



Print this image (small or large)

Gather your materials:

Print the above image of the anatomical heart

large paper or sketchbook



markers, pencils

Step 1: Take the printed image of your heart and cut off the edges. Then glue the heart to the larger piece of paper (you can also do this in your sketchbook).

Step 2: Ask yourself what is your heart holding? Is it heavy and dark or light and bright? Is it stuck feeling? Sadness, happiness? Have no judgement. 

Think of an experience or person that this may be attached? Identify it.  Is this making you feel stuck?

Choose a color to represent this feeling.

Step 3: How have you responded to this feeling in your life? How have you been coping? Are you holding grief? Are you holding resentment? This will block the flow of energy in your heart. Write the words of how you been dealing with this energy coming in one of the ventricles. Or you can represent this in the drawing. I drew it as a knot stopping flow to my heart. I also colored it grey. You can also choose a color that represents the feeling and shade in your heart.

Choose Color to represent feeling.

Check in with your heart. Place your hand on your heart. By doing this it releases oxytocin, the love chemical (released during breast feeding, love making and being bonded to someone). Breathe in and say the words, “love, ease, compassion”. Exhale and breathe out the heart. Once connected draw out ways to heal the heart.

Step 4: Now you will add new ways to heal and make your heart happy in the ventricles coming out. Draw lines coming out of your heart. This will be used as a healthy way to cope and feel good. A balanced heart is giving and receiving freely. A heart at peace is able to forgive, have compassion and feel love.

For example: to give more love you can practice giving compliments, silent prayer to someone when you greet them (wish them a beautiful day), send a thank you note, call someone that you feel disconnected to in order to clear the air, treat yourself to bath, or give forgiveness to someone who has wronged you.

I drew out heart strings to represent this, first starting with pencil.

Then outlined in black rolling pen.

Next, add your color.

Have fun with this project! Everyone’s heart will look different.

Please share your art in the Creative Soul Facebook Group. I would love to see what comes up. If you would like to watch the free video, click here.