Harmonizing Lotus art is a concept I developed specifically for women who want to bring peace and harmony to their home. Each piece is unique and can be crafted to fit your style and overall decor.

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  • As an artist I am working to bring together the elements of mind, body and soul through each piece of work. My work’s intention is to have the viewer engage and have a relationship with the piece of art.
  • My mission is to create art that resonates with your soul, uplift your spirit and bring more light and love into the world.
  • The lotus flower life cycle can be related to human psyche. We are like lotuses. The first stage of the lotus is that it grows in muddy water, which can be related to our hardships in life (loss, pain, inflictions to the ego, death). We all experience suffering. To gain enlightenment and wisdom we have to be like the lotus, opening each petal one by one, by facing our challenges with love, compassion and kindness.
    In Bloom IV

    In Bloom IV

    in bloom in room iv


  • Enlightenment isn’t about reaching a destination of “knowing”, it is about developing a consistent vibrational harmony with oneself and with the surrounding world.” ~~Alaric Hutchinson
  • When creating my art I first sketch out design and to match natural elements in nature. I start with an intuitive layering of patchwork of color background and then add the subject. Design elements: balance, texture, space, form, color, line, and movement are always maintained to create harmony.
  • Harmony in design for your home is achieved when all parts of the visual concept relate to and compliment each other. Interior designer, Jennifer Brouwer suggests to create harmony you need choose colors, materials, furnishings and art that merge together to create a unified statement.13249820_276975062649465_1390118169_n
  • “Ego says: Once everything falls into place, I will find peace. Spirit says: Find peace and everything will fall into place.” Painting helps me find my balance and peace. This is an inspirational quote that motivates me to create a visual language to connect with others.
  • Bring a peaceful reminder of fortune and purification into your harmonious space with a Blooming collection painting. Inspire your mind and spirit with the energy of the White Lotus that grows in muddy waters, rising above the murk to achieve enlightenment.

Custom colors and sizes are available to fit your space, professionally stretched and ready to hang.

The paintings come in 3 standard sizes. Each painting comes with artist’s signature and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.


X-large 48”x 79”= $2000.00 (shipping $150.00  in USA)

Large 36”x 36”= $600.00    (shipping $100.00  in USA)

Large 24” x36”=$600.00      (shipping $100.00  in USA)

Medium 18”x24”=$300.00 (shipping $50.00  in USA)

You can schedule a phone consultation today to create your unique piece.

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