Creating art is a spiritual and mindful practice. It allows me the unique experience of making art with a high frequency and connecting with those who appreciate my energy.

Sharing my art online gives me the opportunity to provide you a glimpse into my diverse portfolio of colorful and eclectic mixed media paintings, while inspiring the vision of those who are considering commissioning a piece for their home, business, or workspace.

Creative Process

My art is a combination of intuitive process and planning. The paintings are created in a small and large format with mixed media techniques using oil, acrylic, spray paint, gold leaf, and resin. Regardless of whether I’m painting a commissioned piece or working on a new addition to one of my collections, my mind, body, and soul are all deeply involved.

Nothing brings me more joy than creating art, but each and every emotion I feel plays an important role in the artistic process. Like dancing, breathing, or sleeping, creating art is a part of my inner being; something that nourishes my soul and fulfills my spirit.

Collective Intelligence Series

This collection is inspired by sacred geometry, patterns, and our feathery friends. The paintings are based on the idea of a large number of people sharing their knowledge with one another to create a collective intelligence. You can see this in nature as seen with birds, bees, and fish that swarm together. As we work together in community we can bring about change, power, and transformation for our self and others.

Art Collections

My contemporary, symbolic, and spiritual mixed media paintings are collected internationally. These multi-genre collections incorporate abstract paintings, figurative work, and my signature interactive installation labyrinths.

I welcome you to explore and enjoy my Collective Intelligence, Emotional Landscapes, Blooming Collection, and my art for sale shop in the galleries below.