In this art experience you will identify the location of stress is being held in your body and how to release it using art media. Unfortunately, if you don’t address it appropriately you can snowball into complete overwhelm or even worse lead to physical ailments. Let’s have some fun, shake off the stress, grab your art supplies and let’s transform the “S” word into creative expression.

Where Are You Holding Stress in your Body?

Our bodies are the containers that hold our emotions. Where are you holding the stress in your body? The chakras are energy centers are in the body, spinning wheels reflecting your frequency. Balanced chakras bring a flow of energy and good feelings. The spinning wheels are moving at the correct frequency. Likewise, the spinning wheels can move excessively, too fast or deficient, moving too slow. As a result, the energy in this part of your body can lead to unwanted feelings or even disease. Therefore, it’s important to identify where you hold the emotion in your body in order to release it. To watch the free video click here.

Chakra Energy Centers

Chakras Balanced versus Imbalanced

Crown: Balanced chakra is the feeling of knowing, wisdom, awareness, intelligence, understanding, miracles and bliss. Malfunction/ Imbalanced Crown Chakra relates to feelings of confusion, spaciness, mental illness, depression, learning disabilities, apathy and Alzheimer’s disease.

Third Eye: Balanced chakra is the feeling of intuition, vision, insight, perception, and clairvoyance. Malfunction/ Imbalanced chakra relates to vision problems, bi-polar, sleep disorders, hallucinations, sinus issues, and lack of intuition.

Throat: Balanced chakra relates to feeling of speaking your truth, having purpose, expression, artistry, service, synchronicity, and communication. Malfunction/Imbalanced relates to thyroid and hearing problems, teeth and gum issues, lying, tonsillitis, stiff neck or shoulders, lack of purpose, or fear of speaking.

Heart: Balanced chakra relates to love, trust, healing, equanimity, compassion, connection, and surrender. Malfunction/Imbalanced chakra are feelings of grief, disconnection and can lead to asthma, apnea, heart or lung problems, breast cancer, allergies, immune disorders, lonely, anti-social, or thymus issues.

Solar Plexus: Balanced chakra feels powerful, confident, charismatic, strong will, humor, leadership, and mental clarity. Malfunction/Imbalanced can lead to digestion issues, kidney or liver problems, timidity, rage, diabetes, ulcers, domination, chronic fatigue, or low self-esteem.

Sacral: Balanced chakra brings the feeling of joy, creativity, adaptability, sensuality, fertility, pleasure and sexuality. Malfunction/ Imbalanced chakra relates to feelings of guilt, genital issues, sexual or fertility problems, rigidity, isolation, hip or joint problems, and dehydration.

Root:Balanced chakra brings the feeling of stability, vitality, loyalty, prosperity, patience, tenacity, and career success. Malfunction/Imbalanced chakra relates to bowel, blood or bone disorders, obesity, anorexia, anxiety, financial problems, chronic fear, materialism, and instability.

Draw Your Body and the Location of the Stress

Use shapes to create your figure (rectangle for the midsection, circle for your head, rectangles for arms and legs). Now, find the place on your body you are holding stress and use line, shape, and color to show what it looks like in your body. Consequently, do you see a relationship in where you hold stress and the chakras above?

Draw Out Your Body

Draw Out the Stress

Now, take a few moments to dive deeper and create an image of the actual stress. Finally, once your drawing is complete, take a few minutes to reflect in your journal. Next, give it a name. Describe the elements in the drawing. Title your piece. Ask it a question: What are you here to teach me?

Draw/Paint Out the energy of the stress

Many times challenges in our lives are ways to teach us lessons. Maybe breaking a leg happens to tell us to slow down, a toxic co-worker is teaching us to forgive and let go, too many closed doors is a sign for a new direction. Can we physically change the stressful situation or do we need to change our attitude and perception of the experience?

Send it Love

As you draw out your stress, think of a way to send it love visually. I drew out the heaviness I was feeling and then added wings to make it lighter. I was sending it away because it no longer served me. I once read an article where a little boy with cancer drew out the cancer cells, then drew pac man eating them and they all went away. Find a way to give this stress away, release it. If you would like to watch the full video, click here.

Take some time to answer these questions and do the art. I would love to know what you learned from this experience. Please leave a comment in our Facebook group Creative Soul Online Retreat.

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Sending you much light and love.

xoxo Leah Guzman