“Through the survey I became aware of my struggles with flexibility and with nurturing myself and others. The end product will be a constant reminder to be open to change and joy.”~N.C.

“The class provided an environment that encouraged learning, growth and insight. Thank you for the educational information and support!”~~N.H.

“The workshop was not only fun, creative and relaxing but very informational! I came in with an inner knowing of what I needed to work on and left with more clarity and feeling more grounded.” ~~M.R.

“I’ve discovered that living life is to always try something new or experience it from different perspectives. I have to say I am so happy I took the class because I left with my heart out in the open for everyone to see. I could see it too. Every morning I wake up, I look at it and feel it. And it gives me the strength to live life one moment at a time. ” N.P.

“I felt it was right on in directing me to live a better life.”~~P.H.

[wc_testimonial by=”L. P.” url=”” position=”left”]”This course has helped me to find my truth and voice, clarifying personal and professional goals. The group gave an opportunity to share and learn from others as well. I also learned different and new art techniques.”[/wc_testimonial] [wc_testimonial by=”D. Z.” url=”” position=”left”]”This course continues to integrate through out the week in my life, reminding me to be conscious of what is going on in my life that relates to the particular chakra worked on.” [/wc_testimonial] [wc_testimonial by=”M. U.” url=”” position=”left”]”I did not initially realize the sorts of issues I was having with my throat chakra and self expression, but its been coming up for me so much recently. I feel like there was an element of synchronicity timed with me participating with in course. The people are so supportive and kind and the guided meditation was profound too. Leah is a wonderful guide.” [/wc_testimonial]