Self-Care First

How often are you checking in with your own needs? Are you giving yourself enough time and space to play, eat well, rest, and nurture your soul? I know too many friends that keep putting their children, spouses, work load and chores before any of their own needs. This is why I want to offer you a little check in to honor yourself through creative expression.

What do you really want?

Let’s start with happiness and listening to our soul. The first element to seeing happiness around you is filling your own cup in order to see this reflected back to you. In this creative exercise go ahead and claim your space. Find a nook, table, or counter to create. Grab your pencils, pens, markers and journal. If you would like to watch the video click here.

Identify your desire

Go ahead and place your order to the Universe. Write it down what you want in your journal. Now, let’s dive deeper. Who do you need to BE to bring about that desire? Make a list of all the strengths you would need to embody in order to bring about the desire. Do you need to be bold, daring, aligned, powerful, badass, adaptable, organized, rested, in the flow, grounded, radiant, being seen, productive, or approachable? These are a few strengths, however feel free to choose what matches your desire.

Choose a color to match the strengths

Now for each item you listed as a strength that you need to BE to manifest your desire go ahead and pick a color to match the strength. Once you have chosen your colors let’s move onto choosing a symbol.

Choose a symbol

Have fun with this idea of choosing a symbol to represent your BEING. Take your time with this practice, this is self-care. Don’t think too much about what you choose. Whatever comes up for you has a message.

Reflect and Connect

Now, go back and see if what you created encompassed any of the colors in your strength list? Is there anything missing? Did you add a new color? What do you think this signifies? Your soul is telling you something.

Go ahead and title your journal page. Place the image somewhere that you will see on a daily basis and choose colors that represent how you want to feel and manifest. Bring those colors into your life by wearing the color, eat those color foods, or pick an item to take with you to represent your ideal manifestation. If you would like to watch the full video click here.

I wear my gold key to represent my art business in my mission to helping people connect mind, body and soul through art. Please feel free to share this post with someone who would benefit. You can also share your creation in the Creative Soul Online Retreat Facebook Group.

The Key is the Symbol for my business connecting mind, body and soul through art.