I have been an artist all my life. It’s funny because when I attended art school the professors taught me how to create beautiful pieces but, they never taught me how to make money to survive. However, I actually learned many lessons along the journey putting together the pieces of this mysterious way of being an “artist”. From my experiences it has given me the opportunity to mentor other artists first starting to put their passion out into the world. I thought this little blog would be helpful. It compiles a list of 10 insights of where to place your energy. I know it can feel overwhelming when there is only so much time in a day when you have to manage creating, marketing and life. You can also watch the free video of information, click here.

1. Photography

As you create your amazing art. Be sure to spend time taking high quality images of your work. Be sure to take a full photo which can be edited by cropping out the background. It’s good to have a high resolution (for printing) and low resolution (for submitting in emails) available. Also, take images of your work setup in a room. This way collectors can see what it would like like in a space. Have fun and stage the perfect placement for your piece. You can also do some selfies with your art to show the proportions. Lighting is incredibly important. I just found this great lighting device called Socialite Lighting if you plan on taking images yourself. If you have a professional photographer then you can go that route.

2. Website

Websites are a great space to showcase your work. Take your time to research other artist pages and their setup. You own the platform which is great because you can make updates and sell straight from your site. It’s also a way to send people so they can get a feel of what you are all about. Your website should include great photos of your work, you and your why.

3. Share Your Art

Practice putting your art online and in person. Let people know what you are creating. Let go of any attachment of what people think about your art. Art is subjective. Consequently, the more you have your art in front of people the better chance you will find your audience that resonates with what you do and more opportunities appear.

4. Start Your Email List

As you create relationships with people who resonate with your work it’s important to cultivate and let them know what you’re up to in the studio. An email list is the best way to stay in touch and to keep you in your client’s mind when they are ready to purchase your work.

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is another must on the list. I notice many artists tend to give up way to early or when life gets busy. Creating a routine, an editorial calendar, a schedule when to create are all tools to keep up a consistent practice.

6. Balance Your Time

I used to consider my “art” as “work” but it’s really just play time. Balancing time in my day looks at my life as a whole. I refer to Daniel Siegel’s 7 ways to have a healthy mind by including these elements throughout my day: sleep, meditation, social bonding (family and friends), play (art), focus time (administrative work), exercise (I go for walks), and being (enjoying the moment). When i am taking care of my whole self I am much more productive with my art.

7. Body of Work

Having a consistent body of art is important when submitting to shows and for your website. It’s much easier for a viewer to digest your work when they have a theme. You may be uber talented and can do many mediums. However, when your work is not consistent it can be confusing to your client.

8. Pricing

I have a pricing guide related to the size and medium of the piece. make sure it makes sense, the bigger the more expensive. Be consistent on each platform you sell as well. You can research what other artists similar to you are pricing their work.

9. Honor Your Now

Many artists just starting out may have an income coming from a different avenue other than their art. Be grateful for that income. It does not make you less of an artist if you aren’t doing it full time. Baby steps leading you to your dream everyday is what makes them become a reality.

10. Cultivate Confidence

Yes! Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in you then why should someone else? Take pride in your creative heart and soul. You are brave! The journey is definitely worth every detour, roadblock and success. Enjoy and celebrate along the way.

Coaching for Creatives

Big breath and baby steps! Little actions everyday can create amazing results. If you would like to learn more about getting personalized guidance I do offer monthly mentoring packages. You get a bang for your buck! I offer individualized phone sessions. You can schedule one at your convenience https://leahguzman.as.me/

You can watch the free video for more information, click here.

You can check out the full online course here Artist Thriving Guide.

I picked these for you.