I’m super excited to be exhibiting this year with Superfine for my 3rd year in a row!

Join me at Superfine Miami Beach  this week.

This new series is all about energy and our connection to the Universe. We live in a vibrational Universe, meaning that everything has a frequency. We are containers of energy, the Hindu culture refers to this energy as Chakras.  Chakras are spinning wheels that resonate at a certain color frequency. I have been making chakra sets for several years. This new series has a beautiful resin, liquid glass that makes these mini paintings look like art candy. Chakra sets bring peace to your room and create alignment within yourself.


“Enlightened by the Storm” also relates to the chakras. A girl hiding her face, making you question is she surprised or in pain? She is enlightened by a current situation. She realizes that when something doesn’t work out as planned there is always something better on the other side. Her third eye chakra is activated.


“Energetic Connections” relates when two people connect. It encompasses sacred geometry and has an explosion of energy clouds. It’s that feeling when you meet someone really amazing. These two are large format pieces that can be hung together or separately.


“As Above So Below” has a beautiful glass resin incorporating the moon, stars and the flower of life symbol.


“What is Your Frequency?” also incorporates the Sacred Geometry symbolism with a flying bird in the clouds. This series of paintings explores how we are all interconnected. The paintings can be rearranged to display horizontally or vertically. I hope this series resonates with you.

Many blessings and high vibrations to you.

Creatively Yours,

Leah Guzman