“Out of Chrysalis”

Curated by: Tesoro Carolina

January 31 – May 30, 2015
Main Library, 1st & 2nd Floor Exhibition Spaces

This exhibition highlights the works of selected female artists from MDPLS’ Permanent Art Collection, as well as the works from five female artists that have been making a name for themselves in the local Miami Art scene.

Guest artists: Tesoro Carolina (street artist & photographer), Aquarela Sabol (street artist & oil painter), Leah Guzman (painter inspired by the brain & heart), Kat King (artists book maker), and Deming King Harriman (paper collage artist). Female artists from our Permanent Art Collection featured in this exhibition include: Carol Todaro, Faith Ringgold, Charo Oquet, Pamela Vander Zwan, Kathleen Hudspeth, Vanessa Tomchik, Michelle Weinberg, Vera Arias, Karla Turcios, Margarita Cano, and many more.

Opening Reception & Artist’s Talk
Saturday, February 14, 3 p.m.

Influential Women at Work: A Panel Discussion
Saturday, May 23, 2 p.m.