Location: Artists at the Falls


Sunday, November 26th  2:00-4:30pm 

12974 SW 89th Avenue, Miami, FL 33176

Have you been considering diving in to get aligned to create the life you desire? It all starts with raising your vibration to match what you want in your life. 

Creative Chakra Ecourse is about digging deep filled with inspiration, painting lessons, journal prompts, reflection sessions and meditations related to each chakra. In this class we will:

  • Learn about the Chakra symbols and your own personal symbols related to your life to create a unique painting
  • Use mixed media painting techniques
  • Journal Exercises to inspire and reflect on your art
  • All materials included

Investment in yourself $65.00

The Creative Chakra art classes are all about personal growth. This series of guided creative sessions will help bring balance and harmony to your life.  From mixing colors to blocking out shapes I will guide you through the process. This fun class can be taken by beginners and experienced painters alike.

My intention for this course is to guide you in creating intuitive paintings. I want you to  learn how to understand your art through the symbols you choose and how they relate to your life. What message is your art telling you?

Here is a sweet review:

Leah Guzman is very knowledgeable about the chakras, the symbolism for them, and guiding you through many different ways to work to balance each one. She uses art, meditation, exercises, and crystal associations. She provides incredible video instruction showing how to create each painting for each chakra and has a mini video each week to introduce the new chakra that is posted in the facebook group. The group environment in facebook provides additional support through Leah and others in the class. It is an amazing experience. One you don’t want to miss. ~Kim W.



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