My name is Leah Guzman and my passion is art. I am a Board Certified Art Therapist and professional artist. I create mixed media paintings that resonate with the soul to inspire peace, as seen in my Blooming Collection and Soul Series. I also offer online creative chakra painting classes and online art therapy sessions.

I am a Miami based contemporary mixed media painter. My abstract and figurative works are richly symbolic, spiritual and organic. My art pieces are held in private collections around the world, including the Europe, South America, Australia and United States. I count the Art Nouveau style and artists Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt among my influences. I draw on the mythological, biological and symbolism for inspiration and guidance. My work has been published in Spirituality and Health Magazine, Miami Midtown Magazine,  Uptown Magazine and Hyperallergic.

I have been teaching art and practicing art therapy for over 14 years. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio sculpture from Georgia State University and studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. I earned a Master’s degree in Art Therapy at Florida State University and became a Board Certified Registered Art Therapist.  My online business mission is to help others by connecting mind, body and soul through art and the creative process.